Welcome to Nexus Church!

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Welcome to Nexus Church!

Our Sunday Meeting Times are 8:30am, 10:15am & 6:00pm.

Nexus means 'a point of connection'.

Our desire is to be a life-giving church - helping connect people to God, community and purpose.

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Nexus Equip

Equipping people for purpose in their relational, spiritual and practical life. Short courses starting Tuesday 9 May.

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Fresh Start Festival 13th May 2017

Fresh Start Festival

Meet, eat and use your feet and help us give people a fresh start on Saturday 13 May from 7:30am.

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The Alpha Course

Explore the questions of life in a relaxed setting over eight weeks starting starting soon.

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Designed is a one-day conference for women of all ages.

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Nexus Discovery

Connect with Nexus and explore your purpose over four sessions.

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